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Location Dubai What this job involves

This job description is current at the time of issue variation may occur to these duties to reflect changes in, or to, the local environment and DM requirements and will be advised to you by your Line Manager.

These tasks involve work in any area of Project & Development Services current MENA projects.

  • Quality : All staff are responsible for the quality of their own work and for the operation of the relevant parts of JLL's Quality System.
  • This will involve operating the appropriate procedures applicable to the job to ensure that JLL Staff, External Consultants, Contractors, Subcontractors and clients have their needs and expectations identified and fulfilled.

  • Staff Development : It is expected that all members of staff will participate in identifying their own professional development needs and in appropriate professional development activities to meet the demands of the needs of JLL Project & Development Services.
  • Health and Safety : All members of staff have a duty to maintain safe and clean conditions in their work area and co-operate with others on matters of Health and Safety.
  • This will include assisting with undertaking risk assessments and carrying out appropriate actions as required. Staff are required to refer to JLL and the appropriate local authority Health and Safety Policies in respect to their specific duties and responsibilities.

  • Equal Opportunities : JLL has an Equal Opportunities Policy and expects all staff to support this policy by behaving in an appropriate manner in the execution of their duties.
  • The overall responsibility of risk is the responsibility of senior management. However, it is also a requirement of all members of staff to adopt best practices in the identification, evaluation and cost effective control of risks to ensure, as far as possible, that they are eliminated to reduce to a level that is acceptable to the organization.

    Any queries about risk management should, in the first instance be addressed to your line manager.


    H,S&E Policies and Procedures

  • promote good health, safety and environmental practices throughout all P&DS activities.
  • review the JLL, Safety and Environment Policy Statements on an annual basis.
  • ensure that Local Policy Statements / Fire Plans and Fire Risk Assessments are produced and quality assured.
  • devise, develop and monitor effective Risk Assessment management strategies and make recommendations on the implementation of these strategies
  • review and develop health and safety policies, procedures and guidance, in keeping with best practice and make recommendations on their implementation and application.
  • consult with senior managers and other line managers and give appropriate advice on formulating best-practice policies and procedures.
  • provide independent professional advice and technical information where appropriate to senior managers and all line managers to enable the College to discharge its statutory, common and moral obligations, keeping staff and Managers abreast of changes in HS&E Legislation and Codes of Practice.
  • Provide, or where necessary source, training for staff in relation to Health and Safety policies, practice and procedures.
  • Liaise with the Local Authorities and Health and Safety department to ensure policies, best practices and procedures meet their requirements.
  • Monitoring Performance

  • propose, implement and monitor measures necessary to comply with H,S&E Legislation and Codes of Practice
  • carry out or arrange workplace safety audits and ensure that any remedial recommendations are implemented.
  • ensure that statutory requirements are being upheld throughout the organization e.g. COSHH, RIDDOR, Display Screen Equipment, Risk Assessments etc.
  • Health and Safety

  • maintain accident statistics, analyse trends and propose and take remedial action where necessary
  • investigate or arrange for all accidents and near-misses be investigated, prepare report of findings, including recommendations to prevent recurrence and implement approved course of action.
  • Where necessary prepare reports to the enforcing authority and LSE as required by the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations.

  • assist and support Faculties and Departments in the preparation of risk assessments. Monitor the availability and appropriateness of risk assessments and, where necessary, safe working practices.
  • maintain a register of First Aiders and ensure the adequate provision of first-aid and welfare facilities. Ensure all First Aiders are appropriately trained, and (subject to qualification) provide training to members of staff to enable them to become First Aiders.
  • liaise as necessary with other organizations and relevant authorities, and provide assistance and cooperation concerning audits and remedial actions.
  • develop procedures to ensure that contractors, suppliers, consultants and other irregular visitors to the college comply with relevant legislation and College safety policies.
  • meet and co-operate with visiting health, safety and environmental officers as required.
  • Manage and maintain the college COSHH database, ensuring COSHH statements are available on all hazardous materials and that effective Risk Assessments are in place to manage the handling and use of such substances, all assessments to be reviewed annually.
  • To undertake safety inspections in conjunction with appointed contractors representatives and members of the Consultant teams and report to the Project Manager.

    Ensure the implementation of the Fire and Evacuation Procedure and monitor its effectiveness by ensuring the Contractors undertake fire evacuation drills on all sites at least twice per year.

    Environmental Management

  • be the catalyst for activity and commitment to environmental management
  • ensure, at minimum, legal compliance and reduce risk of non-compliance
  • identify opportunities for continuous environmental improvement and implement programmes to deliver these
  • promote and coordinate the integration of environmental management and sustainability issues into policies, rules, products, services and operations
  • assist the Contractors to perform more efficiently and therefore more competitively, which in turn promotes environmental and social improvements.
  • represent the Company with local and national health, safety and environment bodies.
  • Ensure the Contractors manage recycling and waste management procedures
  • Reporting

  • prepare monthly H&S reports for projects as required and an annual HS&E report to the JLL MENA Board.
  • respond to requests for HS&E advice / guidance / information wherever appropriate.
  • liaison between management and staff on all matters relating to health, safety and environment to ensure consistent application and understanding of policies and procedures.
  • Sound like you? To apply you need to be :

    Graduate or post graduate in relevant field


    The HSE Manager's primary responsibilities is to act on behalf of the JLL to create an overall safety culture that aims for and supports a safe and healthy workplace.

    Understand health, safety and environment problems / opportunities and clearly communicate solutions to a broad stakeholder base, convince people to change their methods and beliefs through educating them, and then continue motivating individuals to continue their changed behavior.

    Achieve a level of health, safety and environmental management that leads the local construction sector. Work with others to protect the health and safety of staff, consultants, contractors and subcontractors by ensuring that risks in the workplace are properly controlled, and that impacts on the environment are minimized.

    Project Specific HS Responsibilities include :

  • Overall monitoring of the health & safety on site.
  • Develop a PSP (Form 19.03) that is specific to the project scope and site conditions.
  • Develop and maintain the Project HS Risk Assessment (Form 19.04) by identifying and assessing hazards associated with the project, including control measures.
  • Assess and monitor contractor's capabilities to comply with HS requirements.
  • Identify training needs of client side project staff.
  • Liaise with the client on HS issues, as required.
  • Review site safety records and contractors performance to plan regularly and encourage safe and healthy work practices by all parties concerned.
  • Manage the design consultants so that where possible, eliminate hazards at the design phase.
  • Check that the Principal / General Contractor has appointed a qualified First Aid person / s for each project.
  • Check that the Principal / General Contractor has a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) prior to approval for commencement of work, and that the Engineer has approved it in line with DM legislation.
  • Check that the Principal / General Contractor has developed site-specific Induction and site rules.
  • Check that the Principal / General Contractor has developed HS Consultation Procedures commensurate with the project size and number of workers on site.
  • Assure the Engineer and Principal / General Contractor comply with all appropriate legislation, industry codes of practice, standards and other information relevant to HS.
  • Check that HS information is disseminated to relevant personnel.
  • Investigate project specific incidents and ensure that appropriate and timely action is initiated to prevent recurrence.
  • Ensure all appropriate incident forms as prescribed in the PSP are completed.

  • Monitor the HS issues identified in workplace inspections and audits; incidents; inspection and test procedures; Monitor corrective actions identified to prevent recurrence.
  • Assist in the Return to Work Program for employees or contractors who have been injured.
  • Compile and submit a Monthly HS Report (Form 19.27) within 7 days after the end of each month.

    Consultative Mechanisms

    The involvement of workplace personnel in discussion at all levels is essential in achieving good safety outcomes on our projects.

    The HSE Manager will review the Principal / General Contractor's HS consultation arrangements and ensure that the process occurs via one or more of the following methods :

  • HS Committee comprised of employer and employee representatives.
  • HS Representative(s) elected by employees.
  • Other arrangements agreed to between the company, their employees and contractors (e.g. Regular Toolbox meetings, Inductions, Training).
  • Contractor and Stakeholder Meetings

    HSE Manager will ensure that the Client and other Stakeholder meetings shall be held to ensure that projects critical activities which interface with Stakeholders involved in the project are formally discussed and minuted.

    Safety shall be the first agenda item at these meetings.

    Consultative Mechanisms

    The HSE Manager in conjunction with the Engineer, will review the Principal / General Contractor's Project Safety Plan to verify that relevant and necessary training is provided for all employees on the project.

    This includes but is not limited to :

  • HS General Induction Training
  • Site Specific Induction Training
  • Work Activity Induction Training
  • HS Committee / Representative Consultation Training
  • Plant Operator licenses / certificates
  • Trade Qualifications / Licenses
  • Specific Activity training (Confined Spaces, Work at Heights, EPT)
  • The HSE Manager will ensure that the Contractor controls access to the site and that all Project Staff accessing site must complete the Contractors General Induction Training as required by applicable local regulations.


    The HSE Manager and Engineer are to undertake a review of probable hazards to be present during the project and communicate this assessment to the Principal / General Contractor with the aim to eliminate the hazard out during the design process.

    The safety review of design documentation is to be coordinated by the Engineer and attended by appropriately qualified personnel and key stakeholders (i.

    e. the Design team, Project Manager, Architect; Service and Structural Engineers and the Client where practicable) prior to issue.

    The Safety Design Review form is to be used to check that all safety considerations for design are considered and where possible, addressed in this meeting.

    Any outstanding unresolved hazards related to construction, end use, maintenance or demolition will be formally communicated to the Principal / General Contractor's Project Manager.

    Where residual risks remain unresolved after the design and construction process, these will be advised directly to the Client for determination or inclusion in operational, maintenance or other procedures.

    Review of Temporary Designs

    Throughout the project, the HSE Manager will ensure that the Engineer will assure that the Principal / General Contractor's temporary designs (such as formwork decks or scaffold) are reviewed by appropriately qualified personnel to ensure compliance with HS Legislation.

    The HSE Manager will ensure that project adopt a risk management approach for all activities, products and services associated with its core business activities and those of its service providers.

    The Project Risk Assessment form is to be updated through subsequent project phases until completion.

    The HSE Manager, Engineer and Contractor will undertake a four step Risk Management process as follows :

  • Identify hazards.
  • Assess the risk of the hazards.
  • Provide recommendations on ways to eliminate or control the hazards.
  • Monitor and review the control measures
  • Risk Classification Guide

    The Risk (score) of a hazard is a combination of :

  • Exposure (how many people, how often and for how long are exposed to the hazard),
  • Likelihood (the probability of the hazard occurring, if not controlled), and
  • Consequence (the severity of injury, property damage etc if the hazard does occur).
  • Incident Reporting

    The HSE manager is to ensure where possible, that incidents are to be reported internally before being reported externally.

    The HSE Manager to put procedures in place on site to ensure all fatalities or serious injuries on site (i.e. injuries likely to result in an absence from the workplace of 7 days or more, loss of consciousness, trapped in machinery etc) and their circumstances must be reported to the Engineer immediately who will determine who is to undertake external reporting.

    External Reporting

    The HSE Manager is to ensure that all responsible parties should be aware of the local regulatory authority / legal requirements for notification of incidents and comply with these requirements.

    Incident Investigation

    The HSE Manager will ensure that the Engineer will investigate all reported Loss Time Injury incidents and near miss incidents (that were life threatening).

    Investigations will be recorded on Incident Investigation Report Form and forwarded to Client and applicable authorities within 24hrs of the incident occurring.

    Incident Analysis

    The HSE Manager will consolidate all Incident investigations and Monthly (Site Performance) Reports monthly to identify site wide trends.

    If necessary, the HSE Manager will instruct the Engineer to release a Safety Alert, detailing possible interventions to prevent a re-occurrence.


    Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

    The HSE Manager will collate information (on a monthly basis) relating to Health and Safety KPI's, including :

  • Reactive Indicators
  • Type and number of incidents.
  • Number of first aid, medical and loss time injuries.
  • Number of Workers Compensation claims.
  • Number of Site safety inspections undertaken.
  • The HSE Manager is to liaise with the Engineer and Contractor prior to project commencing and agree to the KPI targets for the project.

    The goal should be to have high pro-active indicators so as to make the reactive indicators as low as possible.

    HS Performance Reporting

    The HSE Manager in conjunction with the Engineer shall collate Health and Safety related information on a monthly basis and submit it to the client via Monthly HS Report.

    When KPI's are not being met, the HSE Manager shall review incident details and take affirmative action with the Contractor to ensure that KPI's are achieved.

    Non Conformances and Corrective Action

    The HSE Manager will ensure that non-conformances by the Principal / General Contractor are identified as a result of inspections or audits shall be documented in Non-

    Conformance Report (NCR). The HSE Manager will ensure that that Engineer follows up on corrective actions and closes the NCR accordingly.


    The HSE Manager (in consultation with the Engineer) shall conduct a detailed review of the PSP template on a regular basis.

    The aim of the PSP review is to ensure it remains current with best practice and HS legislation, and remains simple and practical to implement on site.

    Internal & External Audits

    The HSE Manager will undertake a combination of internal and external audits on the General Contractors work and work environment to assure compliance against the PSP and all applicable legislative requirements.

    The HSE Manager will also develop HSE business management system including processes and procedures compliant with ISO18001 and ISO14000 and, if required, manage the accreditation process for the same.

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